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Underground oil tank removal/oil tank installation

Does your home have an underground oil tank? If so the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Department of Fire Services (DFS) recommend that you have the tank removed. Accurate Mechanical can remove your old underground oil tank and install a new aboveground one in your home.

The two agencies work together to ensure that you and your family stay safe if there is a leak from your underground oil tank:

MassDEP regulates the installation, maintenance and removal of underground tanks.  The agency relies primarily upon the local fire departments to ensure that this work is done in accordance with the law. For tank removals, local fire officials issue the necessary permits, determine when conditions are safe for excavation, and respond to emergencies or public safety hazards. They also ensure that measurements are made for contamination when the tanks are removed (Removing Your Underground Heating Oil Tank). 

Many underground oil tanks are the same 275 gallon bare steel tanks that are used in basements or garages. These tanks weren’t designed to be buried underground, and over time, they can begin to leak and rust. The leaks lead to contamination that appears in stained or strong smelling soil and can affect any nearby water, including wells, drinking water supplies, ponds, or wetlands.

Under state law, a measurement for contamination is done within 24 hours of the tank’s removal. A screening of soil and groundwater is also completed with the removal. If there is contamination found at the tank site, the nearest MassDEP office and your local fire department will be notified. By addressing the problem now, you can take the appropriate cleanup actions and keep your soil and water safe.

Accurate Mechanical is well-versed in underground oil tank removal and installation. We will work with the officials to make sure the correct permits are obtained and all laws are followed.

The step by step process of removing an underground oil tank:

  • Emptying the oil from the tank
  • Excavating the tank and any piping
  • Disposing of all materials
  • Checking for leaks and reporting findings to you
  • Separating clean and contaminated soil
  • Filling the hole to grade
  • Provide written documentation of the removal and any findings

We will then install a proper and functioning aboveground oil tank in your basement or garage. The new tank will be more efficient and safer in that there will be no exposure to the outdoor elements that could cause a damaging leak.

Accurate Mechanical can remove an underground oil tank at your home and install a new aboveground one if you live in the Western MA or Northern CT areas. Our professionals will work within state regulations and codes to ensure the tank is properly removed, correct testing is completed, and a new tank is installed within your home. Call us at 413-739-8882 today.