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Oil to Gas Burner Conversions

Accurate Mechanical can install an oil to gas burner in your home if you have chosen to make the switch from oil to gas.  Converting an oil-heating system to natural gas can be done by adding a conversion burner to the boiler. This means that you will not have to purchase a new boiler or worry about removing your existing one.

Natural gas is environmentally friendly and produces fewer sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen emissions. Unlike having to pay for a full oil tank when it is delivered by your oil company, you only pay for what you use with a natural gas system.

Benefits of installing a conversion burner:

  • Eliminates the need for oil deliveries
  • Gas is safely brought straight into your home through gas company’s delivery system
  • You pay for what you use
  • Natural gas is kinder to the environment

Accurate Mechanical will evaluate your current boiler to ensure that a conversion burner can be installed on the appliance. A natural gas boiler requires less service compared to oil heaters and also have better efficiency and hardly any emissions. The system is a better quality and will not face the same problems an oil tank does, including sludge build-up, leaking, and strong odors.

If Accurate Mechanical determines that your oil tank should be removed before installing the conversion, we will take care of that for you (ß put hyperlink to that direct page).

Roughly 8% of the country still uses oil to heat their home – mostly in the Northeast – but converting to natural gas has its benefits and will be more environmentally friendly in the long run.

If you are interested in switching from oil to natural gas or have any questions, give us a call at 413-739-8882.