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Oil Tank Installation and Removal

Accurate Mechanical, located in West Springfield, MA, offers residential indoor oil tank installations and removals. Whether you have to replace the oil tank in your basement or remove an old one, Accurate Mechanical has the knowledge and experience to do the job in an efficient manner.

Reasons to install a new oil tank in your home:

  • Many new models are more efficient
  • Eliminate leaks
  • Remove an outdoor tank and install a new one inside to prevent risks to the tank and your home
  • Replace an older and larger tank with a smaller one to save space

Over the years, above-ground indoor oil tanks deteriorate from the inside out because of exposure to moisture and sediment that gets trapped inside. Problems can range from small drips of oil and sludge to large amounts of oil spilling from the tank. Even if your basement floor is concrete and you are able to contain the spill, the oil leaves an odor that is hard to get rid of.

If you are wondering if your oil tank should be replaced, Accurate Mechanical can help. The process for removing an oil tank can vary depending on your home and the model of the oil tank. Some can be removed in one piece. while others have to be taken apart. If you are choosing to switch over to other methods of heating, we recommend removing your old oil tank so that no leaks or spills happen in the future.

Accurate Mechanical can tell if you need a new oil tank for your home. We can help you choose the right tank that will be the best fit. After you decide which oil tank fits your needs, we will get the correct permits for the installation and do it safely and professionally. When the tank is installed, it will be pitched slightly to prevent buildup of oil and sludge in the tank.

If you live in the Western MA or Northern CT area, Accurate Mechanical can install and remove an oil tank in your home. Our skilled professionals can answer any questions you have about oil tank installation or removal.