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Heating Repair and Service

Winters in New England can be cold, harsh, and downright brutal. It is important to have a working boiler to ensure you and your family can stay warm during the winter months. Accurate Mechanical, located in West Springfield, MA, understands winter weather and offers a variety of heating repair and services.

Signs of boiler problems:

  • Rooms are too cold or too hot
  • Strange noises
  • Air in your home feels stuffy
  • Electric bills have gone up
  • Pilot light is yellow

Causes of boiler problems:

  • Old age
  • Efficiency loss
  • Lacks ability to distribute air in your home

The average lifespan of a traditional gas boiler is between 10-15 years, and just like cars, they break down as they age. Repairs will need to be made over the life of your boiler, and Accurate Mechanical can help. Calling a professional at the first sign of a problem can prevent further ones in the future. If it does not seem like an emergency, it can quickly become one if it isn’t fixed when the issue is discovered by you or a professional.

We also provide services for thermostats, water heaters, and baseboard heating. Our professionals have heating skills and knowledge to fix any problem you may have in your home. Our trucks are stocked with tools and equipment for any job, big or small. Keeping your house comfortable and cozy for your family during the winter will make the season more enjoyable and safe and you won’t have to worry about being in the cold.

Have questions or concerns about your heating systems? Call us at 413-739-8882.